Temtem Early Access is being patched

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Temtem Early Access is being patched to reduce lags and crashes:

Temtem is a new adventurous game that is inspired by an excellent, beloved game Pokemon that does a lot of different things, and the Game Freak is unwilling to include in this game(Temtem). Game Freak released this fantastic game on January 21, 2020. And now, it is one of the best selling games of steam with over twenty thousand concurrent players in just a single day. For this game, Game Freaks did not collect any pre-orders, and they also didn’t add any characters of previous game series to stimulate the people to play this game. It’s a multiplayer online game.

In this game, tamers run and capture different creatures, which called Temtem. You can also do customizations in your main character with plenty of outfits, hairstyles, and with various accessories to look unique than the thousands of players in the whole Temtem universe. What’s more, we can also do battle with different players, more comfortably than that of Pokemon.


User Experience of Temtem:

The Gamming team did not expect such popularity of the game on its first day. The Temtem team is pleased to see such a high audience, but they are also feeling a little bit worried to know about many issues.It was not a very good day for Temtem players because most of them experience a lot of obstacles, such as lag and wait times, which made it difficult to enjoy the game on the first day. Observing the problems, the Temtem team tweeted yesterday at 10:30 pm. They said we know our server is not supporting such high traffic; we need some time to resolve the issues. We shall update you as soon as possible, kindly be patient. They also said a statement that is “we hope in a week all the problems will be resolved.”  


Now many Temtem players are saying, the game is not entirely improved now. But we also noted a lot of issues resolved today, such as unreasonable queue times. The connection cut-off problems, and overall performance. Today’s experience is remarkably better than that of yesterday. The Temtem team also acknowledged that the Zadar village is too small to receive thousands of new tamers. So, they also decided to increase its flexibility by bringing a new creature collection or maybe some communities. So that they can welcome new players.

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