Tesla car crashed without driver on seat, two passengers killed!

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A Tesla car was crashed and caught fire which killed two passengers present in the vehicle. According to the sources, two men were killed after a Tesla car collided with a tree and burst into flames in Texas, and the police accept there was no one present in the driver seat at the time of the mishap. The 2019 Tesla Model S was going at a high speed when it failed to move in a curve on a winding street.

Both the passenger was like 50 years old found in the passenger seat and at the back of the car .The tesla company have not responded yet to this matter, even after the request of many news portals.

It was evident that no one was in the front driver seat at the time of the accident discovered by the head police constable Harris County, further investigation is still going on related to the case .The remaining parts of a Tesla vehicle are seen after it slammed in The Woodlands, Texas.

Tesla car crashed without driver on seat, two passengers killed!
Tesla car crashed without driver on seat, two passengers killed!

According to tesla auto car is a vast technology which works on specific conditions. A more complex variant, called “full self-driving” is expected to be delivered this year. However, truth be told, neither of these systems offers full self-driving as you or I want to get.

Tesla itself says that the human driver is intended to be completely ready and in time of emergency control- and has a kind of system in their cars that make sure that driver keep their hand on the wheel.

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However look via online media, it isn’t difficult to find videos of Tesla drivers sleeping at the worst possible time or in any event, causing accident many have lost their lives and many of them of badly injured.

In Germany, the organization has effectively been prohibited from utilizing the term “autopilot comprehensive” and “maximum capacity for autonomous driving in its publicizing materials.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has given his words for “completely self-driving” cars to be made accessible this year.

However, a month ago, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation concerning 27 accidents including Tesla vehicles. In a recent incident related to a tesla vehicle that happened this Monday, a Tesla car owner jumped on top of a vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show in order to protest about her Tesla car lost brake control during driving. Two passengers were killed in an accident the investigation going on as there were no passenger in the driver seat, The car in the accident was Tesla, many other accidents take place according to the report includes the Tesla car it seems something is not well in the manufacture of these cars, CEO of Tesla has not responded yet but given confirmation about the new self-driving update.

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