The 2020 Kentucky Derby is called “out of the ordinary”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, usually on the first weekend of May, the Kentucky Derby was postponed to Saturday this year.

There were no spectators in the stands for this year’s competition. Which was held after 100 consecutive days of protests against racism and police violence in Louisville

On Saturday, the demonstrators entered the 101st day of the German game. This year, there is a request to cancel Derby-never done before.

Haven Harrington III, chief executive, and host of the main event sports station said. “It’s not just a top hat, beautiful clothes.

He said the race should be played; this is a “signature event” in the city. But although the horse racing industry does not often get involved in social justice issues, Harrington said it is not the time for silence.

Churchill Downs did issue a statement on Thursday afternoon:

Acknowledging that black jockeys used to dominate the game but were subsequently excluded. And acknowledging that community members were waiting for the state attorney general and the FBI The pain felt when completing the investigation into the killing of the police. Taylor

Bill Carstanjen, CEO of Churchill Downs, said it is important to continue. And has repeatedly stated that the Kentucky Derby can and should be a unified event.

Castanyen said on the CNBC program:

“This is an important part of rehabilitation.” “This is an important part of our community’s traditions and culture.”

Others disagree.

Poet and activist Hannah Drake said:

 “Tell me how this will unify this community and horses”. She lives near Churchill Downs and has been feeling Derby for many years. Frustrated. She said that these frustrations have become more and more serious recently. Because she may face arrest for obstructing the highway by protesting on the street.

Drake recently wrote an open letter to Carstanjen, asking the agency to reflect on the agency’s lack of black representation and consider her sympathetic.

Drake told the Louisville member station WFPL:

“This is an institution that can redeem itself. They need to first ask themselves how they can become a better neighbor to neighboring communities and cities.”

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