The case is not yet over, Angelina Jolie can’t overturn joint custody ruling in a legal battle with Brad Pitt!

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Angelina Jolie has been warned by lawyers concerning her efforts to overturn the recently-awarded joint custody to her and her husband Brad Pitt after their divorce in the year 2016.

The Magnificent star appealed the recent call by judge in her and Pitt’s long divorce case. She wanted her kids to be with her and don’t want Brad Pitt to have the equal rights on the children as she has and disagreed with the joint custody.

Michael Stutman, celebrity divorce lawyer, explained to media that however Jolie’s possibilities of succeeding with the case are terribly low. He said the burden for somebody is appealing the finding of the justice is basically high, as a result of the legal proceeding courts don’t wish to take a seat as trial judges, and to see facts. He continued that appeals are not typical, as very less appeals are accepted after the hearing from the court and therefore the possibility is very less because the possible of winning is very less.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The odds are long, unless she has got one thing that’s extremely serious and unhealthy, adding that as an explanation the children weren’t allowed to testify within the case, as a result of the advantage of hearing what they need to mention, doesn’t outweigh the burden of getting them in and also the former couple don’t wanted their young kids to be involved in such complicated scenario.

“I have friends who are 50, 60, years old, who were involved in their parents’ custody battles, and they remember they remember what they were wearing. They remember what the courthouse looked like, they remember what everybody else said, it’s very impactful, terrible thing,” Michael Stutman shared.

Apart from that, family professional lawyer Kelly Chang Rickert has also an identical opinion, as she mentioned the probabilities of Jolie succeeding were one percent and she claimed that it’s impossible that she’ll win on charm.

Angelina Jolie and Family

Rickert went on to mention that the only means she might would be thought a prejudicial legal error. She said “It’s been determined that it’s in the best interest of the children to spend time with their father. If the trial judge already made a finding that it’s not in the best interest for the kids to testify, then the appeals judge would likely side with the trial judge. People don’t want to involve kids. This is not their divorce against the father.”

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