The cast of “The Gala” also included Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, and Ben Schwartz.

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The mystery-comedy of the murder of Apple produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller has been lined up.

Apple murder mystery actress tiffany hadish
Tiffany Hadish will lead in Mystery series of Apple tv

Tiffany Haddish (“Girl’s Journey”, The Last O.G.) will lead the orchestra in “Afterparty”, an eight-episode series performed at parties after high school parties. Actors also include Sam Richardson (Veep), Zoe Chao (Love Life), Ben Schwarz (Lies of House), Ike Ballinholz (The Mindy Project), Elena Glaser (Bold City), Dave Franco (disaster artist), Jamie Demetriou (miracle worker) and John Earle (search group).

Each episode of “Afterparty” will retell the night’s story from the perspective of different characters. The visual format and genre of the story will change each time to match the character’s personality.

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Apple began in June to put “Spider-Man:

Apple tv
Apple Tv Logo

Spider-Man” programs on Spider-Man producer Lord and Miller, TriStar TV and Sony Pictures Television.

  • Haddish will play Detective Danna, a weird police officer appointed to solve high-profile cases. The Emmy winner is about to leave TBS’s “The Last O.G.”, she withdrew from the competition after the third season. Her other recent works include “Like a Boss”, Netflix’s “Self Made” and ABC’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.
  • Richardson will play the escape room designer Aniq, hoping to keep in touch with his high school lover, Chao. Zoe is an artist who later transferred to the school administrator and recently separated from her high school lover, the arrogant ex-Geoff Brett (Barinholtz).
  • Schwartz plays Jasper, a ruthless and active best friend of Aniq, who dreams of a career in music.
  • Glazer plays Chelsea, the former principal, and speaker.
  • Franco will play Xavier, the playful nerd, and the famous pop star and actor Demetriou will play Walt, who was ignored in high school.
  • But he hopes to leave a deep impression in the reunion. Early will play Detective Culp, Danner’s eager partner.

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Haddish was rejected by UTA and Ziffren Brittenham;

Apple tv new show cast
Hadish was rejected first and these actors are the cast of mystery murder cases of Apple tv

Richardson and Artists First of UTA; Chao, B of CAA. Company’s Carrie Byalick and Schreck Rose’s lawyer James Adams; WME, Haven Entertainment and Gang Tyre’s Schwartz; UTA’s Barinholtz, Artist First and Jared Levine; Range Media Partners and Jackoway Austen’s “Glazer”; Demetriou is represented by CAA, UK Co-founded by Dianne McGunigle of MGMT and Emily Hargreaves of Multitude Media.

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