The cinema is still unsafe. Tom Cruise still wants you to return

Movies are expected to escape to another world, but our bodies must still live in this world.

The movie of the year was released last week. And, no, I’m not talking about Christopher Nolan’s Tenet; I’m talking about an edited, masked Tom Cruise video of just 34 seconds. The video I was driving through the streets of London in a black van, with the purpose of participating in a theatrical screening of Nolan’s long-delayed time blockbuster.

 This movie contains everything:

National Lampoon’s “European Holiday” a movie shooting of London landmarks:

 Cruise standing in front of a giant Tenet poster and proudly said: “Back to the movie”; Crewe Si leaned forward a few shots on the theater seat worn by Nolan’s movie; Cruise stood up at the end of the movie and said, “It’s great that everyone is back in the cinema”; and that’s it. (As we all know, the mask worn by Cruise seems to be an N95 valve mask, which can only protect the wearer from infection.)

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 As you may see, it is a movie propaganda work, but because This reason may be the pandemic movie so far:

When countries enter and exit blockades, schools open, close, open, and close, and families are separated from each other for a few months. The global film industry has been seeking us to return to the cinema as soon as possible. Cruise-The video is titled “The Big Movie”. big screen. like it. “We will not be told that it is safe to go to the movies again because of self-isolation.

 He came out and told us that it is a good thing to go to the movies again. (It is worth noting that Cruise is accompanied by “Mission: Impossible” Director Christopher McQuarrie, his goal is to restart the latest production of the Cruise starring series next month. The theater experience-defines the film industry’s response to the epidemic this summer. Life’s The price and the price of money are rhetorically dealt with through the magic and romance of the movie. At the center of this tragedy, it is Turnnett’s own director, which is no accident.

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