The coach of Michigan State: Mark Dantonio steps down

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The football head coach of Michigan State Mark Dantonio has stated he is stepping down. 

Mark Dantonio

Dantonio’s age is 63 years old. He is the Spartans’ winningest head football coach with 114-57 records throughout 13 seasons.

Mike Tressel will work as acting head coach.

He tweeted on Tuesday, in which he said that he would stay with the university and athletic department.

He announced just 20 days after collecting 4.3 million dollars bonus and one day before National Signing Day. The bonus was the part of his contract if he was still coach on 15 January 2020. 

Dantonio is the best coach in the history of Michigan State. He won the Rose Bowl and three big Ten Championships with a record of 114-57.

Dantonio said that that day marks one of the most challenging choices that he had ever made there at Michigan State. He would first like to thanks his fans, alumni, and his administration. Both present and past staff, and his current and past players and coaches hard work and dedication over those past 13 years. They had helped make his dreams come true.

Every February since 2007, he had reset that program in preparation for the next year’s challenges. After much reflection and discussion with his family, he felt that it was now time for change as he entered into a new decade of Michigan State Football.

He said that it had indeed been an honor and an opportunity to serve as the head football coach at Michigan State University (MSU). He would forever be a Spartan. 

Why he retires?

Well, many reasons come. Dantonio worried about the future of Spartans. The Spartans were not going great in the past two seasons.

Dantonio had been under investigation after three players in the program conceded to rape. Also, former assistant Curtis Blackwell has registered a wrongful termination claim against Dantonio and Michigan State. Court filings this week’s detail claims by Blackwell that Dantonio submitted NCAA rules infringement. 

He also wanted to come close to his family. He said that he felt the sacrifices he had made away from his family and he added now his family must his first priority at that time.

Fans reaction on Mark Dantonio retirement

Mark Dantonio

After the news of Dantonio’s retirement which he tweeted. A large number of fan’s reactions come. 

@JoshButlerTv– Extremely blessed to be a part of the Dantonio Era. An honor to be a Spartan. Thank you, Coach D, for everything helped a lot of people’s dreams come true, especially mine. 

@DetroitEddie313– Dantonio waited til that direct deposit hit and threw up the deuces lmao I respect the hustle.

@mynameisGEOFF– Mark Dantonio made a lot of people proud to be Spartans, including me.

It is going to be a rough couple of years before MSU is back to where he took them.

@maxwellchris17– Mark Dantonio thank you very interested in seeing what happens from here.

@danzlojutro– I’m shaken, broken, and don’t know what to think. Coach Dantonio is an exemplary human being.

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