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According to the British Social Evacuation Guidelines, the Great British Baking Show returned to Netflix (September 25) for a carefully filmed new season. Contestants, production staff, judges, and hosts must form a safe “bubble” to make this year’s performance possible, which means 9 days of self-isolation before filming begins, and then live with the producer. The same hotel was fully booked during filming. it feels like its this show is the remake of “British baking show off”

This is worth it, because the “British Bakery Exhibition” feels as comfortable and cozy as ever, and has attracted 8 million viewers in the UK, and the new Tuesday begins.

To improve your taste buds, here are things you may not know: Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, current host Noel Fielding and the new Co-host Matt Lucas, you would think of them as Doctor Who.

  1. In addition to being an actor, comedian, and TV presenter, Fielding is also an accomplished artist.

He regularly displays his work at Maison Bertaux, the oldest pastry shop in London, which means that The Greatest British Baking Show is not the only time in his career that is closely related to cakes. 

2. In the past, Leith opened his Michelin-star restaurant in Notting Hill and co-founded the professional chef-training academy of Leith Food and Wine Academy. She is also a prolific novelist.

Leith sold her restaurant and culinary school in the 90s, but her business acumen is still very much in demand because she later served as a non-executive director of many famous companies, including British Railways, hotels Industry giant Whitbread, and British banking brand Halifax. She confessed to the Times in 2018: “I like to do business, but I know other people find it boring. My editor always tells me that my novels are too much business.”

3. In 2008, Hollywood invented a product called “the most expensive bread in Britain”.

His luxurious Roquefort and almond bread are sold for 15 pounds ($19) each at Harrods, London’s super high-end department store. Hollywood’s explanation to Marie Antoinette at the time was, “Maybe there is a recession, but let them eat bread. This is great bread, I have ever made. No ordinary bread Excitement, but this is Rolls Royce.”

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4. Lucas made a real hit single earlier this year, all for charity.

As early as April, he released “Thank You for Baked Potatoes”, a new version of a comedy song he originally sang in the British panel exhibition “Meteor” 20 years ago. The lyrics with lyrics remind people to “wash your hands, stay indoors, and only go to the grocery store”. This is the funds raised by FeedNHS, an initiative to provide hospital staff with free meals during the coronavirus crisis. In the UK rankings, the ranking reached 34th.

5. Liss son Danny Kruger used to serve as a speechwriter for former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Since 2019, he has been a Conservative MP for Devizes, a town in southwest England, which makes his mother proud.

6. Between 2012 and 2015, Lucas and his bridesmaids took a photo of “Rebel Wilson” to rent a West Hollywood apartment.

In a Conan appearance in 2012, Wilson revealed that she and Lucas talked loudly after 10 pm and sang Anne’s performance in the hot tub, angering one of their neighbors. The neighbor sent them an anonymous letter, in which it read: “You two are too old to be considered as child orphans.”The sun will come out tomorrow”-yes, so will the police!

7. Fielding tried to break into the house of his friend Russell Brand in Los Angeles.

 He has a 50-point house in Los Angeles, which is where he lives. I don’t have the key, so I tried to get over. Fence. It was an electric fence. The alarm went off. I thought, “F**k, this is not going well. 

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8. Lucas lost his hair when he was six.

In an article written for The Guardian in 2017, Lucas said that doctors diagnosed his hair loss as a “delayed response to the shock of being knocked down by a car in Portugal two years ago.” He also wrote candidly about how baldness affected his life and career. “My childhood was difficult, yes. No one wants to have eternal self-awareness, constantly watching, mocking, mocking, and bullying others. But insight is also necessary, which is very important,” he wrote. “Baldness is helpful to my career. Baldness makes me different, but it also makes me change myself. Put on a wig, I am someone else. Exchange a wig, and I am another person now. Perfect.”

9. Hollywood arrested Mary Berry, a former judge at the Great British Baking Show, after destroying his car a few years ago.

Don’t worry. As Hollywood recalled from its appearance on the Graham Norton show, this was just a fun prank.

10. After Leith took over from Mary Berry, Berry gave her some advice.

“I keep in touch with Mary and we have been friends for many years. She said to watch out for Paul Hollywood,” Leith told the Daily Express in 2017: “She [also] said, ‘ Don’t just follow Paul. Don’t stand behind Paul, just agree with him. Just be yourself and do it.”

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