The interview on “Panorama” by Diana, once again made headlines

Diana princess of wales picture
Lady Diana, Princess of Wales

Here, check the key personnel and issues:

brother of Diana Earl Spencer
Earl Spencer

Diana’s younger brother Earl Spencer has defended his sister’s memory and inheritance since his death in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Charles Spencer told mourners in his funeral eulogy that the princess is “the most hunted person among modern people.”

He promised that Diana’s “family of blood” will do everything in its power to guide her two sons so that they “not only simply immerse themselves in duties and traditions, but can also sing publicly as planned.”

Charles provided an introduction between Diana and Martin Bashir, then BBC Panorama reporter.

Earl Spencer’s allegations

The princess’s brother made a series of accusations that led to Diana’s infamous interview in 1995, when Diana was shocked in the constitutional monarchy and detailed the status of her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

Earl Spencer claimed that in the weeks prior to the implementation of the plan, Martin Bashir showed him “fake bank statements”, which was in line with the security department’s report to the royal family.

 Two members of the payment related

These documents falsely imply that these princesses should be monitored in order to reward them.

Diana’s brother claimed that these files were more important than other simulated files about former employees of the earl, and Mr. Bashir also used these files when trying to contact the princess.

Diana interview with bashir
picture of Diana while interview with Mr. Bashir

The earl also claimed that Mr. Bashir made a series of demands on the royal family, and he also took down the records of the royal meeting.

The British Broadcasting Corporation conducted an internal investigation in 1996 to review forged documents related to the Earl’s former employees and tried to pass key evidence, Diana’s note, to determine whether the princess was misled. No.

The Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation Tim Davie  has confirmed that a new independent investigation into the incident will be conducted.

Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir came to the fore in an interview with Diana and later a documentary about the global superstar Michael Jackson.

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