The Lakers scored against the Trail Blazers, what they learned: LeBron James won three consecutive championships, leading Los Angeles in the series

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The first four quarters seemed chaotic, but when the dust settled, the Lakers escaped the third game against the Portland Trail Blazers with a 116-108 victory and a 2-1 lead. In the end, Davis’ jump shot became the key, which made the transaction deadlock, and the Lakers have now firmly controlled the series.

At the same time:

The Trail Blazers still look too heavy to compete with the No. 1 seed. Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, and C.J. McCollum gave them 80 points, but the bench scored only 8 points. Portland fought a big battle, but the lineup is so weak, they simply can’t keep up with the pace of the Lakers. This is the biggest win for the Lakers.

LeBron James is coming for the playoffs

The scariest thing about the rest of the NBA is not the 38-12-8 line that LeBron James posted in Game 3. He jogs in all parts of the game, especially when Davis gets hot. He missed five free throws. James may be the best single game of all players in the playoffs so far… and this has not yet reached his best result.

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J.R. Smith… why?

In J.R. Smith’s playing time, the Lakers surpassed him in every game he played with the team. Now, his record in purple and gold is 11 out of 37. If you ignore the meaningless season finale for the Sacramento Kings, he is only 6 out of 27. After two full seasons, his defense was worse than at his peak.

Trailblazers have no room for error

The Trail Blazers don’t have enough body to survive this series. They tried to fight Wenyen Gabriel and Mario Hezonja in some places, but the Trail Blazers were killed in their playing time.

This is by no means their own fault. The injury destroyed Portland’s frustrated hopes, which is disappointing. With the Trail Blazers doing their best, this could have been a more competitive series, but for now, when they have only five consistently efficient players, pick them to win the series. More games seem to be irresponsible.

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