The Last of Us part 2 Review:

Last of us-2
Last of us part 2

The last of us game is a great game to play during this hard time when everyone finds it hard to stay home and do their daily chores. The game was highly played game of all time when you are turned into a zombie due to a virus that turns you into a zombie, and you are left with nothing as everyone you see is turned into a zombie dead.


The game has been looked forward to for many years by fans the gameplay of the game is unique and captivating, one can say. The last of us was released back in 2013. The game was considered the best game of all time. The people were getting excited about the new part, hoping it would be a thriller like the previous part.

If you don’t know anything about the story, then the main character is Joel, who appears to a smuggler who lost his daughter during the first outbreak of the deadly virus. He was hired by a group of people called the Fireflies to help transport her from the Boston quarantine center to a hospital in salt lake. She is immune to the virus, and the fireflies want to use her to create the vaccine for the virus.

As Joel couldn’t find his daughter anywhere, he starts to see his daughter in Ellie and starts to protect her like he is her father, so when they were traveling to Salt lake city. When he reached the lake, he realized that the vaccine could put an end to the Ellie, so the Joel put his life in danger to protect her and to kill anybody who comes in his path.

Players of the game can choose what they want to do with Joel. He starts to love Ellie and so did the players. Some players say it was the right thing to save her. But some also say that because of this action of Joel, the world has to suffer from the virus.

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