The Masked Singer Season 3 Premiere

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Nick Cannon is the host, and he talked about “The Mask Singer” season 3. He said that the Super Bowl might be a big event, but it’s a pregame to what we were genuinely anticipating to the premiere of the third season of The Masked Singer. Now The Masked Singer returned for its third season on Fox Sunday. As a guest judge for the premiere of “The Marked Singer,” Jamie Foxx joined the panelists Robin, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy. Jeong wrongly guessed (more than used to be) under one of the masks last season: Jamie Foxx, whose show Beat Shazam comes back to Fox this mid-year. 

The Masked Singer

Jamie Foxx said that the previous year, most of the people who are very close to him, assumed that he participated in the second season of The Masked Singer. My mom comes to my house, and she said that wake-up, I need some information. I got 200$ on you. 

EW uncovered that this season is marginally unique to past releases. Rather than 16 hopefuls like in season 2, we’ll be meeting 18 throughout this new portion, with Group A beginning the first three scenes to trim six participants down to three. 

In order of appearance, we met with the members tonight. The members of group A are White Tiger, Miss Monster, Turtle, Robot, Llama, and Kangaroo. They also revealed that who will be the members of other teams. Banana, Frog, Taco, Elephant, Mouse, and Kitty are the members of group B. While Night Angel, Rhino, T-Rex, Astronaut, Swan, and Bear are the characters of the team C. 

The Masked Singer

White Tiger:

First of all, White Tiger performed (“Ice Ice Baby”). In the wake of hearing White Tiger’s version of Vanilla’s “Ice Baby,” Jeong speculated John Cena was inside the suit. Foxx thought of former NFL stars Michael Strahan or Rob Gronkowski. Scherzinger accepted the competitor was the on-screen character, Jason Momoa. Diving into the conjectures, the Lincoln blurb could show the candidate is a wrestler, so he was the previous president.

Miss Monster:

Miss Monster Performed on “Something To Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt. Jeong from the pannel guessed that the Dolly Parton is under the fur. Dionne Warwick said there is Scherzinger, and Mary J. Blige predicted that there is McCarthy.


Turtle played on “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal. Thicke guessed Joey McIntyre, while McIntyre’s New Kids on the Block bandmate and McCarthy’s husband. Jeong put his focus on Donnie Wahlberg.


The performance of Robot was on the “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. Foxx thought of “Jackass” prankster Steve-O, and Scherzinger suspected boxer Floyd Mayweather. McCarthy guessed there is Johnny Knoxville.


Llama gave a performance on “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin. Scherzinger suspected that he is comedian David Spade under the fur, while Jeong and Thicke guessed same, actor Joel McHale.


A delightful performance of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” propelled McCarthy to consider Jordin Sparks, while Thicke speculated Iggy Azalea and Scherzinger figured Kelly Rowland.

The Elimination of Performers:

From the panel, they guessed: Johnny Knoxville (McCarthy), Shaun White (Thicke), Floyd Mayweather (Scherzinger), Flavor Flav (Jeong), Steve-O (Foxx). All of them guessed wrong. 

After Lil Wayne uncovered to be Robot, the board lost their brains. They astounded, Foxx said that no way! It’s not possible. Thicke’s reaction: This is a very shocking moment in my career in this show.

The Robot said that this was one of the most exciting and delightful moments of his whole career life. But he was the first contestant that is eliminated in the third season of The Masked Singer. 

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