The Masked Singer: Who is T-Rex? Name confirmed, jojo siwa

Jackson Alle Mar 26, 2020

Presently that T-Rex has made it to The Masked Singer Group C Championship Round, the competition has gotten significantly fiercer, and fans are much progressively resolved to discover who’s under that mask.

Masked Singer
The Masked Singer: jojo siwa
credit: itsjojosiwa

Who is T-Rex, and what guesswork are the clues behind?

Some people seem to think that Liza Koshy fits the clues, but we are left with the previous prediction of JoJo Siwa. While some new red herring tracks definitely seem to be meant to drive JoJo fans away by pointing to Koshy. They still fit JoJo, if fans dig a little deeper.

And there’s a big obvious problem with Koshy as a prediction – it’s just not tall enough to be a T-Rex. For the previous 2 weeks, fans have been able to see T-Rex alongside host Nick Cannon. Koshy, while fitting well with some of the tracks, is only five feet tall.

She would be one of the smallest competitors we have ever seen, and that does not fit with T-Rex.

Fortunately, this week’s tracks still fit YouTube star JoJo Siwa. The first 2 clues shown were a pink balloon and a birthday hat. Siwa filmed a special for Nickelodeon before his 16th birthday. Most recently, your D.R.E.A.M. The tour is a world tour that started in 2019 and 2020.

Masked Singer
The Masked Singer: jojo siwa
credit: itsjojosiwa

She went back to talking about the T-Rex Island, which fit her time in Dance Moms well, but said that after the explosion, only singles and doubles remained. The double-track, along with a subsequent double challenge mention, made many think that this could mean Double Dare Koshy’s host. The track also fits in with Dance Moms, since the most successful cast members like Maddie Ziegler were the ones, who did solos and duets.

The final clue was his desire to diversify. This couldn’t fit more with the singer, the dance, the YouTube star. Clues from last week’s package also pointed to Siwa. The first clue was about T-Rex starting young, what fits Siwa, of course. Then the “N” and “W” addresses were circled. YouTuber fans, as well as fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians, know that she appeared on the show with North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian.

She then talked about being discovered, and the 16-year-old star was first discovered when she appeared in the Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

T-Rex went on to talk about being ripped out of the dark into a magical place full of pirouetting creatures, all similar in appearance, strength, and skill.

This was an apparent reference to her presence in the dance contest that led to a two-year season on the popular reality show Dance Moms. Another track that pointed to both Koshy and Siwa was a U that meant success as a YouTuber. However, we are still firmly convinced that T- Rex is a dancer turned YouTuber JoJo Siwa. 

She has confirmed this in her instagram post. You can see it here.

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