The meaning of Mariah Carey: Six inspirations from the singer’s memoirs

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Mariah Carey has won countless first records, a shelf full of Grammys, and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. But until now, she has been vigilant about her private life. In Mariah Carey new memoir “The Meaning of Maria Carey,” the singer discusses growing up in poverty in a violent family, her experience of racism, her music, her marriage, etc.

These are the six more enlightening moments in this book.

1) She experienced domestic violence when she was young

She recalled in “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” the multiple disputes between her father Alfred and her brother Morgan, and wrote:

“It’s not uncommon to punch holes in walls or fly out other objects.”

2) Racism is like “the first ki** in reverse”

Carey said that there was a black father and a white mother. And many of her friends did not realize that she was a mixed-race. She even recalled that a teacher smiled and said, “Oh, Maria, you used the wrong crayon”. At the age of four, she attracted her father with brown skin.

3) Carey accused her sister of risking being “ejected”

Sister Alison fell into Carey’s life due to teenage pregnancy, drug dependence and suicidal thoughts. Although they shared some tender moments, the singer has repeatedly portrayed a situation that she thinks Alison puts her in danger.

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4) The Beatles taught her a valuable lesson

Many artists look to the Beatles for musical inspiration, but Maria is not. She is more interested in their business.

5) Her first husband was so controlled that she couldn’t go to Burger King

Carey married Tommy Mottola, a Sony Music executive, in June 1993, and admitted that her success was partly due to him. Mottola brought her a record deal. Even persuaded her to record a Christmas album and sold it for Christmas for millions of dollars. All I want is you.

6) She recorded a secret garbage album

Carey is best known for the popular ballads of the girls next door such as “Vision Of Love” and “Fantasy” and “Dreamlover”.

But during the recording of her fifth album Daydream in 1995. She cut a secret alternative rock record that conveyed the “anger” and “anger” she felt after the breakdown of her marriage.

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