The new judge Colonal McCall was tried on 9/11 last year lacked sufficient work experience,

On Friday, an Air Force judge was deemed inexperienced to supervise the trial of five prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who were accused of attempting to participate in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

In October, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew N. McCall was elected as a judge for the death penalty involving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but his name was withdrawn after prosecutors protested.

According to the provisions of the Military Commission, they said he had not served as a military judge for two years. This is a prerequisite for the judge of the War Court. He passed that milestone last month.

Colonal McCall didn't have enough experience

On Friday, Ranny J. Acosta Jr., Judge of the Supreme Court of the Military Council, reassigned Colonel McCall to the case in a one-page memo that did not mention previous stumbling blocks. .

This time, Colonel McCall of Virginia will decide whether to hold a two-week hearing in Guantanamo next month.

The court’s judicial headquarters has scheduled a hearing on the case from September 6 to 17, which spans the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attack.

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If he sits on Guantanamo’s bench, Colonel McCall will be the fourth judge in the case, and others will fill it out for administrative purposes.

For Colonel McCall, his first task may be to determine whether there are any conflicts that might prevent him from serving as a judge. In war courts, this means that prosecutors and defense lawyers will ask new judges a series of questions about their background, check for potential biases, and determine whether they are suitable for office.

9 11 and court judges Maccall

Another issue raised at the early hearing was the agent of one of the defendants, Ramsey Bin Alsib.

Since he was prosecuted in the May 2012 case, the lawyer who has represented him stopped going to the base to receive medical advice. To replace him, the Pentagon hired a lawyer with capital defense experience, David I. Brooke, who began meeting with Ben Alcib this summer after the pandemic restrictions and quarantine were relaxed. ..

The last hearing will be held in February 2020. The new judge will need to develop a new timetable to appoint a jury for the U.S. military officer who will preside over the trial.

Issues related to military decommissioning, epidemics, availability of infrastructure at remote bases, and permitting and access to incident evidence disrupted the previous timetable.

Colonel McCall inherited the proceedings, which included more than 33,100 pages of litigation records and more than 100 outstanding legal claims.

Most of the material in the case has been categorized because all five defendants spent several years under the control of the tortured CIA, and the judges had special top secret security clearances to consider it. It must be.

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