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Director Josh Boone directed “The Mistakes in Our Starlight”, adapted from the comics originally derived from the “X-Men” series.

If you’ve never seen teen movies, superhero movies, asylum-seeking psychological thrillers, nightmares on Elm Street, or single episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then maybe “The New Mutant” will be the An eye-opening experience. But for most parts of the earth especially for the target audience of the movie, “Mutants” will provide The déjà case vu that is dazzling.

Director Josh Boone adapted the comic series from the Marvel movie:

 It seems to be the best movie, and it is also a derivative work of the Marvel movie itself. The franchise is vague, but tries to stand up on its own. Unfortunately, even if the trio of young and strong heroines in this movie succeeds in giving you a feminine twist to the usually male-dominated genre, this rarely happens.

It was filmed in 2017 and went through a long post-production period, including plans for a reshoot, the sale of 20th Century Fox Studios to Disney, several postponed release dates, including the release in April last year due to the coronavirus pandemic On Friday in a country that is still debating whether watching movies is absolutely safe, you can’t say that “The New Mutant” has been running easily so far.

To complicate matters further:

 Disney did not provide American critics with screening links or COVID-safe screening rooms. Some of which now refuse to review it.  Since it was produced three years ago, “The New Mutant” has felt that it belongs to another, perhaps more innocent era.

More specifically:

It feels like it was made sometime in the 1980s or 90s, and together with the information above, it was inspired by the classic high school movie “Breakfast Club”-that is, if the latter is In a semi-advanced shelter, five teenage mutants from different backgrounds received group psychotherapy as they tried to acquire new abilities.

It tells the views of Native American Dani Munsta , who survived a catastrophic disaster, and then was reigned by the mysterious Dr. Reyes The leader of a remote psychiatric institution woke up and was tied to a bed. Dani learned that she was not alone in this strange science fair experiment.

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