The Outer Banks: the new Netflix youth bet that combines suspense and romance

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If you got hooked on series like The Outer Banks and Dawson’s Creek or with movies like The Goonies, then you’ll like Outer Banks, Netflix’s new youth gamble.

The Outer Banks

After Hurricane Agatha hits the southeast coast of the US, several of its islands are affected by the force of nature. But in one of them, the cyclone also triggers the search for treasure and the start of the Outer Banks.

This is the title of the series, in addition to the name of the place where its plot unfolds, with which Netflix once again bets on the youth audience. A space that combines adventure, suspense, romance, and social differences are facing a group of teenagers.

The latter is led by John B (Chase Stokes), narrator and the main protagonist of the story, and who experiences the adventure in the company of his best friends: JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Davis) and Kiara (Madison Bailey).

The Pogues

They call themselves “the Pogues” and belong to the southern and most impoverished sector of the Outer Banks – although Kiara has money, being the daughter of a local merchant – and they maintain a rivalry of years with the wealthiest young people, known as the Kook.

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And despite the uninhibited attitude of John B and his peers. Those who divides his days between surfing and beers, he still had not overcome the disappearance of his father nine months ago, when he went sailing on the sea and lost his trail.

But after the young friends discover a modern underwater boat in a sector of the swamp, a series of events related to the treasure that would be submerged inside an old ship, sunk in 1829 on the local coast, is unleashed.

Not only do they face a pair of criminals searching for an old compass – which coincidentally belonged to John B’s father – and the local police, but their lives intersect, for better or for worse, with several representatives of the Kooks.

Among them, the wealthy Sarah (Madelyn Cline), her brother Rafe (Drew Starkey), and her boyfriend Topper (Austin North), who have great concerns about riding their boats or motorcycles, or who will dress for the summer party at the club local.

Adventure and romance for teens

But, as will be seen in the following chapters of Outer Banks -that total 10-, these Kooks are better or worse than they seem. Like Topper and Rafe, who violently treat the Pogues, or the sensitive Sarah starting an affair with John B.

The Outer Banks

And although class differences are an essential ingredient in the series.

Its most exciting vein is related to the millionaire treasure that would be under the sea. A search that also reconnects John B with his missing father.

Her research, both on land and at sea, confronts children with more than one danger and strange places and characters -such as the blind owner of a local mansion-, who are the ones who finally deliver the best moments to the story?

Thus, between moments full of action and risk, in contrast to others charged with romance and youthful growth, Outer Banks unfolds its chapters under the guidance of its creators, Shannon Burke and the brothers Jonas and Josh Pate.

A bet that will surely be liked by its target audience, teenagers -even though their protagonists look older than the 17 or 18 years they must be-, and that some older people will bring back memories of some series or movies that you saw.

This, because Outer Banks is set in a sector similar to that of Dawson’s Creek, it has several points in common with The OC. And, in his adventure streak, he has many references to a classic film from the 80s: The Goonies.

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