The peak of the Perseid meteor shower Tuesday night

perseid Meteor shower in 2020

Perseid Meteor Shower 2020:

1. When can I see the best meteors of summer reach their peak?

The 2020 Perseid meteor shower reached its peak this week, and the best chance to see some meteors and fireballs in the local area will be early this week.

The meteor shower peaks in August every year from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning. It is the best meteor shower in summer and the most popular meteor shower of the year.

2. Why does this happen every year?

The source of this shower was the dust and debris left by Comet 109P, also known as Swift-Tuttle. The last time it passed through the inner solar system was in 1992. The comet is expected to return to 105 years in 2125.

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3. When to look for?

The Perseid meteor have a shower is expected to reach its peak before 12 AM on Wednesday, August 12. The largest number can be found between midnight and dawn on the 12th. Nevertheless, they will be very obvious on August 11th and 13th. Rule of thumb: try to watch after midnight but before moonrise.

4. Where to find?

Stay away from the city lights and find the darkest part of the sky above. Perseus can be seen anywhere and seems to come from the direction of Perseus. In the evening, you might try to look down at the northern sky, some of which will pass through the upper atmosphere. Don’t expect to find many there, but they do produce lasting marks.

5. Where you don’t want to see?

Try not to look directly at Perseus’ radiation. The trails there are the shortest, and you may see fewer trails.

Most important

What to expect?

In fact, due to light pollution on the moon this year, you can watch 9 to 10 meteors per hour. That is, in the right place, away from the city lights, you may be able to count to 40 or 50 zipper on the sky in the Brazos Valley.

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