The Pentagon shooting: suspect police officer dies

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Shooting at the Pentagon transit station injured many people, On Tuesday morning, a shooting incident occurred near the entrance of the Pentagon, resulting in many injuries.
The Pentagon lifts the blockade after shooting near a Metro station

On Tuesday morning, a shooting incident occurred near the entrance of the Pentagon, resulting in many injuries. The facility is the headquarters of the US military and is temporarily under lockdown.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency stated that “the scene of the incident is safe.
Chopper4 footage taken from outside the large no-fly zone showed that there were many emergency vehicles on site.

Observer Dave Statter said in a live transmit of News4 that he heard at the smallest amount a dozen gunshots and then saw CPR on two people.

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Fired at least one more shot:

An Associated Press reporter near the building heard multiple shots, and then paused, then fired at least one more shot. One more connected journalist’s reporter heard the police yell “Shooter”. The Arlington County Fire Department reported “multiple patients”, but it is not clear whether they were shot and the extent of the injuries is unknown.

Injured police officer dies:

According to two law enforcement officials who asked not to be named, one of the seriously injured was a police officer because they did not have the right to discuss the investigation publicly. He dies after few hours.

The Pentagon Protection Forces Protection Bureau said on Twitter that the incident occurred on a subway bus platform in the Pentagon Transportation Center.
The facility is a petite march from the Pentagon Building in Arlington County, Virginia, crossways the Potomac River in Washington, DC. One more connected journalist’s reporter heard the police yelling “Shooter”.

A Pentagon statement stated that the facility was under lockdown due to “police activity.” The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, the agency responsible for building security, said on Twitter in a moment before midday that the scene of the event was secure. The blockade has been lifted except for the area surrounding the crime scene.

At the time of the gunfire, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were gathering with President Joe Biden at the White House.

In 2010, when a gunman approached them in the security check zone, two officials of the Pentagon Force Protection Bureau were injured. The surviving police officer fired back, killing the gunman John Patrick Biddle.

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