The power outage day on July 7 was different from the campaign of Instagram

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The power outage day on July 7 was different from the campaign that caused Instagram to be covered by black squares last month. The latest blackout day has nothing to do with social media. It is about the power of money and how we choose to use it.

Economy is in pandemic:

Because the economy in a pandemic is so volatile, every dollar is particularly valuable. On July 7, the organizers asked people not to spend a penny anywhere. (except for black-owned businesses, described more below) to draw attention to methodical racism and police violence.

power outage
power outage

Black Instagram square:

The validity of the black Instagram square remains the focus of debate. However, regardless of the reduction, the July 7 economic blackout provides a more specific way for people to suffer from this unfair situation.


All you need to know about July 7 #BlackoutDay2020 its beginning process, what is its goal, and how to partake.

Calvin martyr is the official spark of the blackout day. Martyr founded the Blackout Coalition and attracted 1.7 million followers on Facebook.

He called on not to spend a black dollar on July 7, including in grocery stores and restaurants.

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The Taoist said in the video: “The only way for our people to make any change is to unite with the dollar.”

“We spend one trillion dollars in this economy every year. We are a nation in this country, and we move on. “


The earlier hashtag #BlackoutTuesday appeared, marking the Instagram blackout on June 2 and millions of users refraining from social media sites to express unity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The blackout began as the first day of the event in the music industry on Tuesday, with the hashtag #TheShowMustBeStopped, but it was quickly adopted by Instagram users. Thus, Black was born-to be precise; there were over 14.6 million Black.

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This year is the meeting point for large-scale participation in the black life movement and the international health crisis.

As protests continue across the country, social alienation guidelines and serious health problems (outside of regular personal schedules) pose barriers to participation for many willing but unable to do so.

Economic blackouts are a way for people to pay for their own protests. If you are sick, unable to get off work, or unable to participate in a protest in person, then a simple move that does not cost money on a specific date is a practical way to participate.

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