The San Antonio Museum kicks off on a fascinating new Hollywood exhibition

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San Antonio Museum kicks off Hollywood exhibition

Two major cultural institutions in Texas are working together to produce a gorgeous new show. The McKenna Museum and the University of Texas at Austin will cross their respective urban boundaries for the first time to create the Sistine Chapel in Hollywood: a sacred installation of stage and screen, now on display at the San Antonio Museum.

The Sistine Chapel in Hollywood is an exhibition that showcases the six backgrounds of the 1968 Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios movie “The Shoes of Fisherman”. Starring Anthony Quinn.

The fisherman’s shoes are the Pope’s play, to shoot the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. In some cases, artists will hand-paint nearly exact replicas of Renaissance masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, including the iconic Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment.

These rare and carefully crafted works are part of the UT Texas Performing Arts Collection and were preserved in 2017 by the background restoration project of the Art Directors Association Archives after being initially discarded.

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UT lecturer Karen L. Maness explained:

“During the golden age of MGM, a team of scenic artists worked for in hand to create a huge illusion for the screen. Their skills have been refined through generations of master training.” Landscape Art Director.

The background in the Sistine Chapel in Hollywood is only a small part of the Texas Performing Arts collection. Since the peak of the golden age of Hollywood, UT has created more than 50 works, which are researched (sometimes copied) by UT’s landscape art students.

Some fragments are displayed beside the backdrop to help add interest to the artistic creation of Hollywood scenic designers.

On display are McNay’s Tobin theatrical art collection, such as the cathedral-style dummy designed for Giacomo Meyerbeer’s opera “LaProphète”, and Jim Dean (Jim Dine) An opera costume designed for John the Baptist of Salome.

The Sistine Chapel in Hollywood:

The sacred scenes of the stage and the screen are now on display at the Tobin Theater Art and Brown Art Museum until April 4, 2021. Due to the three-month closure of COVID-19, the McNair Museum is on display at 6 It will reopen on the 26th. Now, its workload is limited, and viewers must wear masks and follow social guidance guidelines.

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