The Scottish identical twins have created the history of Tottenham Hotspur

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The Scottish identical twins have created the history of Tottenham Hotspur with the addition of the Europa League team

Tonight, the two Scottish youth internationals become identical twins of the Tottenham Hotspur team. They become the first twins in the club’s senior competition lineup.

Tottenham Hotspur made history by naming identical twins

The twins Tottenham Hotspur made history by naming identical twins in the first team against Pacos in the UEFA League. Michael and Matthew Craig have been in the same womb for nine months and now share the bench in the first round of the Spurs Europa League play-offs against Pacos de Ferreira.

On April 16, 2003, The two 18-year-old players were born in Barnett Hospital, only two minutes apart. Before joining the Spurs, both had played for their rivals Arsenal at the age of 21 and then crossed the gap in North London. Although born in the British capital, they represent Scotland at the international level, qualifying through their maternal grandfather and grandfather, they are all Scottish. One of them-Ron Steele-also played professionally and became a striker for Notts County. Both of these boys have made a deep impression in Tottenham’s youth academy, and Nuno Espirito Santo has made a deep impression since he took office.

At the end of last season, this pair of similar teams signed their first professional contract at Tottenham Hotspur. They joined the development lineup earlier this year after playing with the under-18 youth team last season. Harry Kane has been remembered for the Tottenham group and will confront De Ferreira in the Europa League end of the season games not long from now.

Kane did not play for the Spurs because they defeated Manchester City 1-0 to start their Premier League. The England captain hopes to join Manchester City this summer.

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Matthew said in an interview with the Spurs official plan about identical twins:

“I like it very much. I am very lucky because my brother and I get along very well, so if you need it, you always have someone to talk to. If you want to go out and do something, there is always someone you can do. Brother Michael explained how the pair is connected to each other on and off the court.

He said: Everyone has players who have ordinary science with them. At the point when you hang out a lot, you will ultimately know what the other party needs from you on and off the court. This gives you a more profound agreement. The most effective method is to work with them and attempt to rule the game with the group.

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