The secret behind becoming Reese Witherspoon the richest actress

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Reese Witherspoon production company Hello Sunshine is valued at approximately US$900 million.
Reese Witherspoon’s decision to bet on herself and the female-led story paid off: The actress is now worth $400 million, and Forbes announced Monday morning that a Blackstone-backed media company will After buying a controlling stake in its production company Hello Sunshine.

L’accord valued Witherspoon’s “Hello Sunshine” at 900 million U.S. dollars, thanks to his work in “Little Lies”, “Morning Show” and Records of popular songs such as “Little Fire Everywhere”, as well as a pipeline of promising popular book adaptations.
The new media company will be led by former Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs and has acquired existing investors in Hello Sunshine from Laurene Powell Jobs, including AT&T And Emerson Collective, and some shares of Witherspoon.

Witherspoon will retain at least 18{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the shares and obtain approximately US$120 million in after-tax income:
The rest of her wealth is related to the income of her 30-year career as a successful actress and producer.
Witherspoon is one of the most profitable people in Hollywood and can earn a high salary.
According to industry insiders, her TV works can earn at least US$1 million per episode-she earns US$1.2 million per episode, which is used to produce and star in the morning show.
Witherspoon’s expansion of her media empire to include Reese’s book club was a natural move because many of her projects are adaptations of female novels.

The club has 2.1 million fans, and 42 of its 50 films are on the “New York Times” bestseller list, which means that future movies and TV versions already have a fixed audience.

Hello, Sunshine will be the cornerstone of the new media company created by Mayer and Staggs:
The couple is looking for assets. With the advent of the streaming media era, executives see an opportunity to take advantage of almost unsatisfied demand.

Desire for celebrities

Meyer and Staggs saw an opportunity in Witherspoon’s “Hello Sunshine”, and its largest shareholder AT&T is seeking to exit

AT&T has reached a deal that can be easily exited, and Witherspoon is interested in a deal that can provide liquidity to drive the continued growth of Hello Sunshine. An agreement was reached soon in the summer.

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“Hello Sunshine fits our new vision perfectly”

Witherspoon will join Hello Sunshine’s CEO Sarah Harden on the new media company’s board of directors. They will continue to supervise the company’s daily operations.

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