The Spanish flue ended the world war 2, according to Donald Trump

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America President Donald Trump’s new statement on the Second World War, and the great pandemic of the history “the Spanish flue” makes everybody laugh.

Donald Trump recently said in a press release that the “1917” Spanish flue, the great pandemic ended the second world war, which shocked everybody.

when I saw that statement video on twitter, I though historians needs to write history according to Donald Trump. Or our President needs to learn about history. Because a person who is doing his duty as a president of America, publically cites two different incidents and such incidents that had a powerful history, very wrong.

People make fun of his statement and shared his video as a gag on social media.

The actual history of the Second world war and the Influenza (Spanish flue)

In reality, the Second World war ended in 1945. On the other hand, the Spanish flue spread and swept the Globe from 1918 to 1920, two terrible years of a deadly pandemic.

Mistakes that Donald Trump made while his press briefing

  • He discussed that in 1917 the Spanish flue (” Influenza”) ended the second world war
  • but the world war 2 began after many years of ending this pandemic.
  • he wants to refer to world war 1. After the First world war in the final months of 1918, a pandemic was spread but it was also in 1918, not 1917.
  • he said a great pandemic killed almost 50 to 100 million soldiers
  • H1N1 virus was spread in 1918 but, according to the CDC, almost 50 million people were killed because of this virus.

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