The star’s first week of Snake Eyes movie is “literary hell”

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Snake Eyes will be more like a martial arts movie than a superhero movie.

Hollywood did not show much love for G.I. After the last failed attempt of a series led by Channing Tatum, Joe won the most recent franchise.

But all of this may soon change. The star of the upcoming “Snake Eyes” movie “Crazy Rich Asians” will be the star, Henry Golding. In an interview, Golding revealed that the film will rely almost painfully on actual martial arts, rather than superhero CGI.

To be honest, (shooting) is painful.

This is definitely a martial arts movie, not a superhero movie. It is very, very physical.

I hated it at first because I couldn’t even squat down. Then go The bathroom. The first week was hell. I think I cried to the manager on the phone.

Although Henry Golding’s words are unlikely to give confidence to fans who want the actor to prove the iconic role of Snake’s Eye, he does go on to say that the producer’s work on the upcoming movie As with anything that has been completed before and maybe the beginning of a new series.

Snake Eyes shocked me.

They have remade GI Joe into something very cool, and it is far from what we have seen on the big screen so far. Honestly, I think there is still a lot of room for derivative products. I think this will be the launch of a brand new franchise.

The role of Snake Eye was originally G.I. Joe: Hasbro’s “True American Hero” toy line launched in 1982. The character’s classic all-black appearance was originally a way for Hasbro to save paint costs.

The appearance became so popular that Snake Eyes quickly became a fan favorite, often regarded as G.I’s Batman. Joe team.

The backstory of Snake Eyes has evolved over time and includes the shadow of a storm in which one of his ally turned into a great enemy. Rumor has it that this upcoming movie delves into the origins of “Snake Eye”, and Andre Koji starred in “The Storm” opposite Golding.

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