The Suspect Usman Khan- London Bridge Attack

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London Bridge Attack

London has always been known out to be one of the most top favorite destinations of the tourists when it comes to exploring the culture and looking for some attractive destinations. But this beautiful travel destination gives this morning a threat of terror to all the residents of London with a significant London Bridge attack.

Many people woke up this morning with a terror attack on London Bridge, which was quite a lot shocking for the people of London to encounter this whole condition. It was much more terrifying for all those people who eye-witness this full attack from a bird’s eye view!

Inside Story of London bridge Incident Today

Now let’s talk about the London bridge incident today! This whole incident started from the point when one man suddenly appeared on the bridge in the middle of the crowd with the fake bomb attached to his body. To build a feeling of terror, he even stabbed few people, but Police officers shot the attacker on the spot.

According to the injured people, it was a full-proof terrorist attack. The attacker made his way over the rampage where he planned to target a massive crowd of people at the place of Fishmongers’ Hall right into the middle of the London city.

Does terrorist attack London?

All those people who have been a lot upset from the whole incident want to know that do terrorists attack London! According to Police official report and authorities, the attacker was 28 years old, and his name is Usman Khan. He was a Muslim by religion.

Usman Khan was released from US jail last year, and he was imprisoned for certain criminal and terrorist crimes. There were a couple of few people who even received the injuries during the whole incident on a secondary level. According to the investigation, the device that has been strapped right into the body of the suspect has been a hoax explosive based device.

In a media interaction, US officials blamed themselves for this whole incident attack and claim that they should never allow dangerous criminals to be released from jail imprisonment at any cost. They should be either hang till death or should be kept in jail for a lifetime approach. According to them, there has to be some appropriate jail sentence for the criminals and especially for the terrorists.

This whole London bridge incident today become even much more viral when the live video of the entire attack was uploaded on social media sites. In just a few hours, millions of people watched the video and gave away a closer look at the whole attack incident.

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