The Taliban will not allow you to get the dead and review the Afghans in Delhi

With the Taliban assuming control over the country, a genuine human misfortune is unfurling. Afghans living in Delhi, particularly the individuals who have lost contact with the places where they grew up, will recapture their solidarity under the vulnerability of things to come.

The Taliban will not allow you to get the dead and review the Afghans in Delhi

After the capital, Kabul, fell under the control of the Taliban, Afghans in Delhi were baffled and upset by President Ashraf Ghani’s getaway from the country.

“Maybe the police presently don’t exist in Afghanistan. The Taliban has assumed control over the country.

My significant other is caught there and her cell phone isn’t working as expected. I’m concerned. She has not assumed control over the Taliban. Her mom doesn’t have an identification.

They have been dominated. Caught,” Afghan Atme, who lives in the Delhi wilderness, told NDTV.

Concerning abominations submitted by the Taliban against ladies, he said, “Ladies are hijacked. They are holding ladies for themselves-they are hitched. They assaulted them. Ladies were assaulted. The Taliban are not individuals. They are in the city. Stay nearby. You can’t contact the dead body. On the off chance that somebody does, they will shoot.”

After the capital of Kabul fell into a psychological militant association, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani promptly escaped the nation, frustrating and upsetting the Afghans in Delhi.

“In case they were people, they would not do this to Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani beghairat bold man. He double-crossed our country. He fled. He fled. They need cash, and he is sitting in Tajikistan. “

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Ashraf Ghani escaped Afghanistan on Sunday

 The Taliban accomplished a public military triumph in only 10 days, and all urban areas were caught by them.

Upsetting film of the disturbance at Kabul Airport arose on Monday as frantic Afghans attempted to pass on the nation to get away from another Taliban system.

Many individuals were seen encompassing the plane stopped on the landing area and battling to get onto the plane from the solitary stepping stool associated with the front entryway.

I saw a many individuals meandering on the landing area and didn’t attempt to track down the plane to climb. This shows that they might have surrendered any expectation of leaving.

Subsequent to being removed as a component of a nonaggression treaty with the Taliban, US troops were sent back to the country today and shot into the air at the air terminal to scatter the group.

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