The Tasmanian Couple and their Trout Video: “More Trout for Clout”

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A recent video that has been trending online has caught the attention of many fishing enthusiasts. The video, posted by a Tasmanian couple, showcases their catch of large trout while fishing in the local river.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the viral video and the controversy surrounding it.

The Tasmanian Couple and their Fishing Adventures

The Tasmanian couple, who prefer to keep their identities private, are avid fishing enthusiasts who regularly post videos of their adventures on social media. They have a large following of fans who appreciate their passion for fishing and the outdoors.

In their latest video, the couple can be seen fishing in a local river and catching several large trout. The video quickly went viral, with many people praising the couple’s skills and their beautiful catch.

Controversy Surrounding the “More Trout for Clout” Video

However, not everyone was impressed with the video. Some fishing organizations and environmental groups have criticized the couple for promoting unsustainable fishing practices and endangering the local trout population.

Trout for Clout
Trout for Clout

The controversy began when the couple announced that they would be releasing the trout back into the river, rather than keeping them for food. This practice is known as “catch and release” and is commonly used by sport fishermen. However, the method has been criticized by some groups who believe that it can harm the fish and lead to population decline.

The Tasmanian Couple’s Response to the Criticism

The Tasmanian couple has responded to the criticism, stating that they are experienced fisherman who follow all of the rules and regulations for their fishing trips. They claim that the trout were caught using sustainable methods and that they were released back into the river in good health.

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In addition, they have emphasized the importance of promoting their love of fishing and the outdoors, and they hope that their videos will inspire others to get involved in these activities.


The Tasmanian couple’s video has sparked a lively debate among fishing enthusiasts and environmental groups. While some are concerned about the impact of “catch and release” on the local trout population, others see it as a way to promote fishing and the outdoors.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the Tasmanian couple’s passion for fishing and the outdoors is undeniable, and their beautiful catch of trout is a testament to their skills and dedication.

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