The Texas Get Together ship capsized 53 people, leaving only 1 useless

Helen Dunmore
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A double-decker ship carried about 50 passengers on Texas Lake, and some young people, some of whom had been out of date for 18 months, capsized on Saturday night.

Residents on the shore pulled people out of the water until rescuers arrived at the scene.

The video shows that as night fell on Saturday, a thunderstorm broke out on Lake Conroe in an unincorporated area in Montgomery County, about 54 miles north of Houston. Excessive toes rebounded in the high waves, KTRK reports.

The ship, named the Queen Conroe Lake, turned over at around 8 o’clock in the evening. – KPRC-TV reported that it took only 40 minutes to enter a 90-minute cruise.

Captain Joseph Sclider of the Montgomery County District 1 Police Workplace instructed KHOU that when the ship capsized.

 There were a total of 53 people on board, including passengers and crew. Since then, all personnel have been accounted for. Sklyder said that the three had been taken to the hospital, along with a girl with a “panic attack” and her husband who accompanied her.

Another person was taken to the hospital due to a heart-related condition.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which took over the investigation of the incident, confirmed Sunday morning that one person had died.

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The authorities did not immediately provide additional details.

Residents of nearby apartment buildings witnessed the capsizing of the boat and jumped into the water to help pull people out of the water until emergency personnel might arrive. Sklyder confirmed that some of them were young people who were pulled out of the water, but could not reveal their names and ages at this time.

Nearby resident Brock O’Rourke said: “I think the community gathered before the police arrived and really saved a lot of people,” he said he helped rescue people from the water at the scene.

“It was a wonderful day. It was quiet. Unexpectedly, the breeze began to blow,” he reviewed.

“In around five minutes, I thought the water imploded inside, and we saw it started to shift a little. So we chose to stroll here to check whether anybody required assistance.

Witnesses told the local information retailer that at least 4 cubs were rescued and one cub was 18 months old. The video also confirmed that many young people in the family were rescued by law enforcement agencies again to get into the car from the lake.

According to the regulations of the Conroe Convention and Tourism Bureau:

 The Conroe Lake Queen is a double-deck stern-wheel paddle boat that can accommodate 60 people. It is a replica of a riverboat in the 1860s. It was built in Grand Ledge, Michigan in 1986, and has traveled to Indiana, Colorado, and Louisiana for short trips and personal activities.

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