The thick smoke blanket in the bay area

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The thick smoke blanket in the bay area, the strong Diablo kamikaze can cause extreme fire hazards

The warning signals in the North Bay and the East Bay

The warning signals for most mountains in the North Bay area and the East Bay area remain in force until noon on Wednesday.

After two days of record high temperatures, the Gulf region began to cool down. But it was still unable to get rid of the smoke and dust that has been smoky since wildfires swept the area a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the strong, dry Diablo wind, certain areas of the region are preparing for more extreme fire conditions. As firefighters continue to fight new raging fires.

The combination of wildfires and expected strong winds caused PG&E to cut power to nearly 172,000 customers in Northern California on Monday night to prevent a fire. The warning signals for most mountains in the North Bay and the East Bay remain in force until noon on Wednesday. Also, the backup air warning due to poor air quality in the area has been extended to Wednesday.

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Roger Gass, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, said:      
"The incredible record-breaking high temperature has ended, but the August fire in Northern California sent smoke out of the atmosphere." The northwest wind vented the smoke into the Bay Area. . 
"In the next 24 hours, this may be a problem, and then we can see the wind direction gradually change.

Gass said that the wind speeds at sea on Tuesday and Wednesday are 25-35 mph. And high-altitude gusts are expected to reach 65 mph. Coupled with dry conditions and low humidity, extreme fire conditions will be caused, which may be exacerbated. The spread of fire.

The first major maritime wind disaster of the season

“Diablo” wind was called by the National Weather Service as “the first major maritime wind disaster of the season.”

 At the same time, wildfires in California this year have burned more than 2.2 million acres. Surpassing the state record of 1.96 million acres set in 2018, and there are at least two months left in the state’s typical fire season.

According to Cal Fire data, so far, the fire has killed at least 8 people and destroyed more than 3,300 buildings.

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