The U.S. is in its worst situation: Trump talks about the crisis in Afghanistan

Jha Washington, August 27: Former U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that the United States is in the worst possible position, attacking his successor Joe Biden’s Afghanistan policies.

The Taliban held onto power in Afghanistan on August 15. Fourteen days prior, the United States was planning to finish its withdrawal following an exorbitant two-year war.

As the Afghan security forces trained and equipped by the United States and its allies gradually disappeared, the insurgents swept the country and occupied all major cities within a few days.

We have been placed in the worst situation we could be in, a situation that no one would have thought of even two weeks ago.

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Trump told Fox News:

In an interview with Fox News, Trump told Fox News that no one would have thought it was possible. We may be in a situation where the Taliban and others are giving orders-they said they would leave on the 31st. I think Biden wants to stay, but they said, we will not let you go, there will be consequences. You heard it. This is what the Taliban leader said. We hope you leave before the 31st, there will be consequences. What is this? he asks. Trump said that from the perspective of military tactics and embarrassment, this is the most embarrassing thing that has happened in the history of the United States. We look like fools all over the world. We are weak. We are very poor, he said. We are led by people who don’t know what we are doing. They took the army out, and then they said, now we are going to take people out. Suddenly, the Taliban walked in, Trump said.

The former president said that under his government, the Taliban were under control.

“They wouldn’t move without our approval. We reached an incredible agreement. They didn’t kill our soldiers. You know. It’s part of them-in fact, Biden Actually. He said they didn’t kill them because we reached an agreement and we did it, he added.

These are the people we have, and you won’t The degree of belief. Nothing like that they never even fired on our troops. They didn’t again, we didn’t lose any troops, as it was for a long time. Frankly, until today, when we have he said, The tragedy happened because of this agreement.

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