“The Walking Dead: Beyond the World” premiered on October 2nd, with new episodes

“The Walking Dead: Beyond the World” premiered on October 2nd, with new episodes being broadcast on Amazon Prime Video every week

“The Walking Dead: Beyond the World” is your next apocalyptic watch

The upcoming 11th season of The Walking Dead has been confirmed as the last one. However, just like the survivors of the zombie terrorist attack, the long-standing franchise will not completely disappear.

In addition to the current derivative product “The Walking Dead” and three planned movies, the new companion series “The Walking Dead: Beyond the World” will become your next doomsday carnival watch.

Ten years after the initial events of “The Walking Dead”, “Beyond the World” presents a brand-new character with a new adult atmosphere.

Our new juvenile heroes grew up in their “new normal”, a securely locked school yard, where the threat of Walker was blocked. That is, until four children set out to take unwise adventures across the country to save their parents from danger. Next is a story about friendship and adulthood, the story is full of bloody action.

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As the entertainer Matthew Negrete said to NME:

“I think, unlike “The Walking Dead”, we are exploring the apocalypse through the eyes of the first generation of adults. They came from the shelter.

The people they care about are in danger, so they decide to leave this comfortable place, take their lives in their own hands, and save them by traveling long distances,” Negrete explained.

“Iris is a very loyal friend. She is very cute and can play any role that needs her. Her hope of leaving this community is to find the people she has lost and to find herself… She has been a badass along the way. “

Hope is just the definition of an angry teenager.

She has absolutely no respect for authority. She will do whatever she wants, and sometimes this will make her fall into the huge iron behind. She just likes to play because she doesn’t care. She believes that if the world is doomed to fail, then she might enjoy it as much as she can, instead of stressing it all the time. She shows this kind of hard appearance, but inside is the biggest scary cat and smoothie you have ever seen. “

Horror and entertainment

There’s a deep relationship between these two things, horror is associates with entertainment. some people don’t actually want to watch this type of horror, one ugly face is enough to put their hearts into their mouths. if you want some real entertainment than you can watch these or if you don’t want to do such things than you can skip. it depends on you. I personally love horror movies evil dead was one of my favorite in my past but now I when I thought about what I liked previously it made me laugh every time. That movie seems fun to me right now.

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