The world was very bright when we first met

On a smoky Friday night in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Film producer Chloé Zhao and Julie Huntsinger of the Telluride Film Festival “Nomadland” (December 4) was introduced the outdoor screening. At the end of the movie, the participants did not applaud, but honked their horns enthusiastically and blinked. For many in the crowd, this is the first screening they have attended since the lock-up in mid-March. “The world was very bright when we first met,” said film collaborator McDormand. “It became darker later.”

Friday night

Also on Friday night, Francis Lee’s “Dynamite” (Neon, November 13), selected by the Cannes Film Festival. And the Telluride Theatre, made its debut at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. The next day, on Saturday, at the closing ceremony in Venice, the “Nomads” regained the Golden Lion at the Film Festival. And Vanessa Kirby won Cornell Mondrucho ( Best Actress in “Pieces of a Woman” by Kornél Mundruczó. Netflix has added generous awards.

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Oscar contest begin

Let the best actress Oscar contest begin. Kirby was once acclaimed in Venice for the outstanding performance of a woman who lost a child in family delivery. McDormand also won praise. She played a low-income widow who roamed the highway in her van and learned to be self-sufficient when meeting other nomads on the way.

There is also “Dynamite” star Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet), who plays a lonely 19th-century paleontologist who opens up to a young wife (Saoirse Ronan) who succumbed to depression.

All three movies require their stars to be highly difficult. McDormand has won two Oscars, and according to her statement to reporter Jessica. It was caused by Jessica Bruder’s fascination with her journey in a 2017 non-fiction work. McDormand chose Zhao, who directed the 2017 Western documentary “Knight” to help her create narrative novels with mixed film styles. He not only has to show the romance of David Strathairn but also plays a group of actual warriors and interprets his own story.


Winslet (“Reader”) is also an Oscar winner. She plays a taciturn, taciturn woman. She barely speaks, but as she slowly allows another person to be physically and emotionally in a way that she owns in contact with her, expressed deep feelings.

The battle for newcomers in the film is Kirby, who nominated for BAFTA and Emmy Awards. She is the rebellious fashionista Princess Margaret in the Netflix royal legend “The Crown”. Since then, her star has continued to rise: her supporting role in the lesbian love story “Mona Fastwold” “Future World” has also won Venice honors, and in another TIFF work Agnieszka Holland “Mr. Jones. “

Between now and this year’s two-month awards season, in the end, more movies will be released and will culminate in the Oscar TV broadcast on April 25, 2021. These three extraordinary actresses are leading the way.

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