These are the stars in the Disney live-action ” Mulan “

Disney’s highly anticipated and seriously delayed ” Mulan ” reality show will finally be released on Disney+ on Friday in PVOD.

The film is directed by Niki Caro and starring in the movie’s heroine. Liu Yifei, compatriot Hong Hui’s Yonson An, Tung’s Donnie Yen, and villain Bori Khan.

Before the film is released, here is a quick introduction to the new and familiar faces behind the $200 million tent. Their sincerity and what makes everyone suitable for this role in Carlo’s own words.


 Mulan, a young woman who transformed from a doting daughter into a fierce warrior after dressing as a man and enlisting in the army.

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 Liu  is nicknamed “Sister Fairy” in the Chinese entertainment industry because of his looks. Since she was a teenager, she has appeared in the Chinese TV series “Stories of Nobles” and “Half God and Half Devil”.

 In 2007, when she starred in Jackie Chan-Jet Li’s movie “Forbidden Kingdom”, she jumped into the big screen. In 2014, she appeared with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen in the Chinese-American action film Outcast.

Carlo said that the search for actresses to play Mulan spanned 1,000 auditions across multiple continents. “Just looking for actresses with extraordinary skills in the world.”

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 “Because she must be Chinese to make a film of this size and budget, she must be beautiful. But she must be able to pass half of the film like a man. She must be able to withstand the real physical requirements of the action, and she must also be an outstanding Drama actress. We found all this and more in Yifei.”

After the actress performed an arduous screen test with almost no sleep, she knew Liu was the most suitable candidate. Carlo recalled: “She took a 14-hour flight from Beijing to Los Angeles.” “She thought she could go to bed in the morning, because the audition was until 2 pm. But the recording studio asked her to attend the meeting so she could Sleeping to me. I let her go through a very demanding dramatic audition.

“There are five scenes. One scene is a five-page dialogue. English is not her native language, but she killed it. If it was not enough, we sent her to another part of the audition, which is a very powerful body.

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