This previous Interview of Former President Asif Ali Zardari Has become A humorous Meme.

Pakistan- Former President Asif Ali Zardari has been in headlines because of his recent comments with regards to the selections taken by People’s Party and their stance vis-a-vis the opposition parties’ alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement. As you may understand, recently surgical procedure all over up ditching the PDM by declaring that the surgical procedure party members won’t resign from the Parliament until the time Nawaz Sharif returns to Pakistan. This ‘move’ by President Zardari was vastly enjoyed by Pakistanis as a shrewd political move.

You might have bump into this former President Zardari meme once his comments concerning the PDM and Nawaz Sharif

This is the most recent meme that Pakistani social media is obsessing over.

President Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistanis have turned former President Zardari into a meme for his PDM affront by mistreatment an previous dialogue of his, “esa dil rakhtay hi nahi hain jo tootay ga“

Basically, this Zardari meme has return once his PDM remarks however the first dialogue is taken from a three-year-old interview

In his recent remarks, Asif Ali Zardari essentially mentioned that since surgical procedure, his party could be a political body so that they need to fight the war for democracy whereas staying within the Parliament, as hostile however the PDM desires to travel concerning it by resigning as no appointive representatives. He more dragged the leaders of PML-N, specifically former PM Nawaz Sharif, speech communication they’re going to resign once he comes back to Pakistan.

Of course, several took these comments by man. Zardari as proof of his political acumen and simply used this chance to spotlight however Zardari ‘broke the hearts’ of the PML-N folks and all over up reminding them of his illustrious dialogue from this interview.

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During the interview back in 2018 that was the last election year for Pakistan, on the illustrious political interview show council, the host  Saleem Safi asks Zardari sahab whose demeanor poor his heart the foremost and President Zardari replied, “Esa dil rakhtay hi nahi jo tootay ga, siwaye Bibi ki shahaadat ke dil koi nahi tor sakta“.

Pakistanis are having the time of their lives with the Zardari meme on his PDM comments by applying the dialogue to any or all aspects of their lives. They talked concerning however funny matters had become once Zardari left the PDM movement within the middle of their struggle.People are bobbing up with their own humorous versions of dil tootay dialogues. Awaam simply couldn’t hold themselves back and we’re admiring this new meme as a result,  it applies to every relatable situation.

Here are some popular zardari meme version:

“esi phopoh rakhte hi nahi jo rishta bheje”

“esi bike mai petrol rkhte hi nahi k dosto ko dena parjae”

“ese dost lagte hi nahi jo kaminey na ho”

“esa result late hi nahi k treat deni parjae”

And the chain continues with some more hilarious versions. I hope like us you are also enjoying these memes version of zardari.

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