Thomas Massie says ‘Trump is at fault’ for the deadly riot at Capitol.

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Republican Rep. of Kentucky, Thomas Massie, says I think Trump is at fault here.” Thomas Massie criticized President Trump and blamed him for inciting the riot Wednesday that led to the seize of the Capitol building. Massie told The Dispatch, “I watched almost all of his speech. I felt like it was inevitable.”

Thomas Massie says 'I think Trump is at fault'
Thomas Massie says ‘I think Trump is at fault’

Courier-Journal, which is considered the best source for news in Louisville, Kentucky, also tweeted about the matter. They wrote, “Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie says ‘Trump is at fault’ for deadly riot at Capitol.

This representative of Kentucky also said Trump, among others, misled his supporters. His words were, “People did mislead the folks that came here, and Trump was among them.” Massie said, “He insinuated that states wanted their electors threw out, which was not true. I kept a spreadsheet of every document every state produced, and in no case did most of any legislature even put their name on the letter.”

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Thomas Massie told The Cincinnati Enquirer that earlier this week he stayed in the Rayburn Office Building with 15 members of his staff. They stayed there for about five hours Wednesday while thousands gathered at National Mall to protest the presidential election results.

The result of the ensuing riot was the death of five people. These 5 people include a woman who was shot and killed and a Capitol Police officer who was injured while on duty. Massie was publicly against the efforts to contest the 2020 election results. He said some of his colleagues believed Trump’s claims while others didn’t, but they feared the ramifications of not backing the president.

Massie told The Dispatch why ‘Trump is at Fault.’

Republican Rep., Massie told The Dispatch, “There were a whole host of my colleagues who were just frankly terrified of the base that Trump had misled. It was much easier to go along than to explain to them that Trump was misleading them,”

On Thursday Massie said, he “knew something was going to happen” as soon as he heard President’s Wednesday morning call for his supporters to march to the Capitol.

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