Thousands of Afghans who helped the United States are trapped. What happened next?

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Tens of thousands of Afghans risked their lives to help the U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan, many of whom served as translators in the fighting.

As per the Japanese debacle help group, in excess of 300,000 Afghan regular citizens have partaken in American missions after their 20-year presence in the United States. Yet a couple is qualified for displaced person insurance in the United States.

Refugee advocates say they fear that as militants control Afghan territory, thousands of vulnerable groups may be at risk and left behind.

Who are the vulnerable allies?

Since 2002, the United States has hired Afghans to assist American troops, diplomats, and rescuers.

Due to the relationship with the United States, many people were threatened, kidnapped, attacked, and an unknown number of people were killed.

In response, Congress formulated a special immigrant visa program to provide these workers with a way to stay legally in the United States.

However, the plan, which enjoyed broad support from both parties, was undermined by the delay in processing.

Who is eligible for a visa?

Candidates should demonstrate that they have been utilized by the U.S. government or offshoots for no less than two years.

In other desk work, they should demonstrate that they have offered significant types of assistance by giving a proposal from a U.S. director.

They should likewise show that their work insight in the United States or is encountering genuine dangers.

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How many people are you waiting for?

Of the 34,500 visas issued, more than 15,000 Afghan citizens and their families have resettled in the United States on special immigrant visas.

There are at least 18,000 pending applications and given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. This number is expected to increase significantly.

Critics claim that the US government has delayed the approval of special immigrant visas by returning several administrations and requesting a large number of documents as part of a cumbersome 14-step process.

The average waiting time for applicants is three years, but Congress has clearly stipulated that it should be completed within nine months. Many people have been waiting for the outcome of their case for ten years.

Are they considered refugees? How does the Biden administration resolve the crisis?

Gary Reed, the Pentagon civilian responsible for evacuation, said on Monday that 700 Afghan allies had been evacuated in the past 48 hours. He stated that the United States will expand its scale by accepting more Afghans to evacuate from U.S. military bases, but he did not provide a specific timetable.

The Biden administration also negotiated with several countries in the Middle East and Central Asia to temporarily accept some people until they settle in the United States.

However, given the unstable situation on the ground, it is at least unclear whether it is possible to withdraw more Afghan allies.

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