Tim Allen Updates the Condition of Jay Leno: He is handsome and content.

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Tim Allen

According to his pal Tim Allen, Jay Leno is receiving “excellent care” at the Grossman Burn Center.

After suffering “severe burns” in a garage gasoline fire, the Toy Story actor, 69, told TMZ that things are looking up for Jay Leno as he was leaving the medical centre in West Hills, California.

In a clip, Allen added, “He’s feeling better.” “He removed his auto mags. We made some jokes, as is our custom. We were sympathetic.”

After the accident, Allen quipped that Leno’s face “didn’t look all that nice to begin with” but added that he now looks “fantastic.”

Allen quipped, “He’s shooting for the George Clooney look; you’re going to be astonished.” “He is gorgeous and content, and the hospital is providing excellent care for him.”

The report from Allen comes less than a week after Leno, 72, started a fire in his garage while working on a steam engine underneath a car. Leno was extricated from beneath the vehicle and is currently recuperating from “severe” burns to his face, chest, and hands. After having a surgical excision and grafting operation for his burns, Dr. Peter Grossman, medical director of the Grossman Burn Center, said that Leno is in good health.

Tim Allen

During a press conference last week, Grossman stated, “Some of the facial burns are a little more severe and cause for worry.” “There is currently no sign of nerve injury. I expect him to make a full recovery. It is too soon to determine if this injury will leave any lingering effects. His injuries are severe, but he is in good condition.”

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On Monday, Leno made his first public appearance since the weekend “severe medical emergency.” “A gasoline fire left me with severe burns,” Leno stated in a statement posted by PEOPLE. “I am ok. I only need one or two weeks to regain my footing.”

Leno’s current treatment approach involves surgical excision and grafting, which entails the removal of diseased tissue to promote wound healing and lower the risk of infection. In some locations of Leno’s burns, according to Grossman, “much of the thickness of the skin was affected,” so harmful tissue was being removed.

Leno has also been getting “very severe” hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the medical facility, which, according to Grossman, should “improve the oxygenation of the plasma in the blood so that more oxygen circulates throughout the body.”

Tim Allen

“This aids in the healing process, stimulates new blood vessel growth in traumatized areas, reduces the bacteria that ordinarily surround the wound, and reduces the pressure and swelling within the tissue,” stated Grossman.

Grossman says that Jay Leno has been a “remarkably polite and entertaining patient” on his road to recovery, as his wife, Mavis, remains by his side.

Tim Allen

“He provided youngsters in the burn unit with cookies. Mr. Leno has been really forthcoming with information “he stated. “He is strolling around and cracking jokes like Jay Leno. He is extraordinarily courteous to the nursing staff. He is highly compliant. He is really appreciative of everyone’s assistance and an outstanding patient who comprehends the severity of his situation.”

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