Tom Bergeron covered up “Dancing with the Stars” in the Twitter bio, making fans laugh

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The former host withdrew from the game before season 29

Tom Bergeron’s fans kicked out of the updated Twitter resume, which allowed him to discover his previous work as a host in “Dancing with the Stars”. The 65-year-old Bergeron announced in July that after serving as the host since its premiere in 2005, he suddenly left the ABC program.

His co-host Erin Andrews joined in 2014 and he was also laid off.

Tom Bergeron teased his old performance in his new Twitter resume, which reads “Former co-host of “Dancing with Celebrities”. The former “America’s Funniest Home Video” host clarified on Wednesday that he “added a “salty” bio revision” a few weeks ago, but fans didn’t realize it was wind until recently.

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“Did you see @Tom_Bergeron’s new Twitter profile? Without his relaxed humor, the show would not be the same.” another fan commented. One fan called it Bergeron’s updated resume “the real winner of #DWTS News today”.

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Supporters of the talk show host said:

“This is the best creature I have ever seen.”

A hopeful fan said: “I really hope that the reason they cut you is because you came back to be an amazing player,” Bergeron laughed at this, with a smile on his face. “Dancing with the Stars” professionals are disgusted with Tom Berglon and Elean, but REWS did not hold back because of it

Bergeron added jokingly:

 “Then what should I do with all these glitter masks now?” The ABC said in a statement: “Tom Bergeron will always be part of the’Dancing with the Stars’ family. As we embark on a new creative direction, he expresses his sincere gratitude to the show for his appearance.

At the time:

Bergeron’s statement was not clear how the decision was reached. However, in a statement provided to Fox News. The comedian’s representative explained that the move was ultimately a call from the network.

“ABC chose not to accept Tom’s choice. According to the statement, according to the fine traditions of the old Hollywood, they are “going in a different direction.”

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