Tom Hanks Coronavirus: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are infected

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Tom Hanks Coronavirus: Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, infected with Coronavirus. This is the first case of Hollywood stars, infected with the Coronavirus.

Tom Hanks Coronavirus
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The complete name of Tom Hanks is “Thomas Jeffrey Hanks,” and he was born on July 09, 1956. Tom Hanks worked in the American film industry as an actor and also as a filmmaker. He became famous for his prominent dramatic and comedic roles. His notable films are Splash, Turner & Hooch, Sleepless in Seattle, Cast Away, etc. Rita Wilston is the wife of Tom Hanks, and her original name is “Margarita Ibrahimoff”. She was born on October 26, 1956. He also worked in the American film industry as an actress, songwriter, singer, and film producer. 

Tom Hanks tweeted on this twitter:

Tom Hanks tweeted on this twitter that Hi everyone, Both of us were in Australia and felt tired, with colds, body hurts, and slight fevers. The Coronavirus attacked us. We went for a test, and the results came positive of Coronavirus. We are infected with it. Presently. What to do straightaway? The Medical Officials gave some conventions to follow. We Hanks’ will be tried, watched, and segregated for whatever length of time that general wellbeing and security requires. We’ll update the world as often as possible. Tom Hanks also asked the people to take care of them. 

According to Johns Hopkins University, Coronavirus killed overall more than 4,616 people in the entire world. And 126,000 people infected with it.

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