Tommy Pham Slapping Joc Pederson Has Leaked

  An unlikely sports feud erupted on Friday night after Reds outfielder Tommy Pham slapped Giants outfielder Joc Pederson. Watch the video to see what sparked the incident.

Tommy Pham Slapping Joc Pederson
Tommy Pham Slapping Joc Pederson

In the video, Pham can be seen approaching Pederson, slapping him, before both teams converge to separate them.

  The action resulted in Pham being suspended for three games. Pham will miss all three Reds games against the Giants.

There was a disagreement between the two teams regarding whether Pederson used Injured Reserve adequately on Jeff Wilson despite Wilson not actually being on IR. Pederson showed the media the specific text he sent to the media after Pham claimed that Pederson had disrespected the Padres in a group text.

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  Despite the high stakes, both players agreed that there was a lot of money at stake, with Pham calling himself a “big dog” on the Vegas gambling scene. Due to this issue, Pham left the league in the middle of the season, according to Pederson.

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