Tonight, Ross Kemp reviewed a bold attempt to rob the 350 million pounds of diamonds exhibition at the Millennium Dome

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Tonight, Ross Kemp looks back at the bold attempt to steal 350 million pounds of diamonds from the Millennium Dome in London.

ross kemp reviewed a famous diamond robbery
Ross Kemp looked back at the robbery of diamonds

Since the group was only a few inches away from Jewelry on November 7, 2000, the raid was thwarted by the police.

The Millennium Dome Heist will be broadcast live on ITV tonight from 9pm to 10pm. Ross Kemp will introduce this special show of real crime.

Twenty years after the raid, this documentary used unprecedented photographic evidence and surveillance videos to organize the movement of the gang.

The gang consisted of seven criminals equipped with bulldozers and speedboats when they were planning to steal. Diamonds of the Millennium Dome.

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Seven men conspired to raid the De Beers Diamond Exhibition on the Millennium Dome in Greenwich

diamond and ross kemp reaction
Diamond: worth about 350 Million

The gems on display include the Millennium Star, a flawless 203.04 carat diamond worth about £200 million, and some blue diamonds.

For this new documentary, Rose tracks key figures in the police operations, many of whom have never spoken publicly before-from senior detectives and surveillance officers who cover up the gang’s every move to gunmen arrested in the Diamond Library.

He took them back to the original crime scene and reflected on the operation to reveal the behind-the-scenes story and tell how they managed to track down and capture possible robbers.

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How can the police stop it?

ross kemp detailed information about that steal
Ross Kemp who told us what actualy happened that night

In February of the same year, the gang had planned to use a truck carrying a Christmas tree to crash into a security truck in London, but by mistake, they were forced to escape the Thames in a speedboat.

 When a police car suddenly appeared on the scene, a similar attack in Kent in July was thwarted.

After the attempted robbery in Kent, the police tracked down the vehicle to a farm, which was subsequently monitored.

The tip led the police to believe that the group would then target the Millennium Dome.

The Flying Squad-a branch of the Serious and Organized Crime Command Post within the London Metropolitan Police Organization-then began working to stop the scammers.

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