Tony Cook, Cookie Monsta kicked the bucket today and left us devastated

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Tony cook aka Cookie Monsta, 31, kicked the bucket today and left us crying and devastated. An announcement shared on twitter by Circus Records;

The world will miss you brother Our beloved Tony Cook left us at 31, we cant express our feelings and all of our prayers with cookie’s family, This world will miss you and remember you forever.

Who is Tony Cook?

Tony Cook was a Dubstep producer and DJ, circus records shared his death news. He was born in the UK, has a son Olly. Circus Records especially discuss the situation of its team after hearing this sad news, and talked about Olly and said “Our prayers are with his family especially for his son Olly aka Mini Monsta”.

Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta was a famous American Muppet character who loves cookies, famous for its looks and funny jokes. known as legendary appetite for cookies and had appeared in many American television shows including; “Me want cookie”, his first debut show Flutes Commercials, and crowns. He prefer chocolate chips cookies and consider those as a treat for him. He had an identical family having the same fur and colors even eyes were the same. Cookie Monta series was famous in kids as they shared how we could keep our environment healthy and safe from pollution and many good deeds. His googly eyes looked even bigger when he ate the cookie and said NOM NOM NOM NOM…. Do you remember?

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