Top 10 Upcoming Technology Updates 2020

Jonathan Trott
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2020 is the year of advancements in technology, and the world will see a lot of new trends this year. 10 of the most recent trends are enlisted below:

Intelligent Apps 2020

Technology these days has become more and more like a human lifestyle. The apps we use in our daily life act like humans to some extent. 2020 will see an increase in this trend, and smarter apps are being developed for the ease of human beings.

SmartPhones Technology Updates 2020

Smart Phones have been a trend for a decade now, but this year, we might just see the classiest screens and maybe multimedia technology on phones.

Top 10 Upcoming Technology Updates of 2018

Quantum Computing Technology Updates 2020

Quantum computing will give the users a lot of benefits as it will increase the computing power. This year, we might be able to see machines that can work just fine, unsupervised.

Smart loT Technology Updates 2020

In just two years, there will be 75 billion devices connected through the net. These devices are connected, and at the same time, they also function as part of a cyber-eco-system.

Edge Computing

With Edge computing, the users will be able to experience much better functionality as well as better performance with greater bandwidth and connectivity.

Proliferation of Block Chain

The blockchain is a pretty cool phenomenon that involves a ledger of blocks, in which no one is the institutional head. The system works independently, and there is no organization controlling it.

Top 10 Upcoming Technology Updates of 2018

Bio-medical Machines Technology Updates 2020

This might not be directly tech-related but advances in technology this year might just lead to betterment in machines used in science. Who knows we might learn how to store information on DNA?

Conscious Hacking Technology Updates 2020

This is an innovative perspective that teaches us that technology can do so much for us and it can help to improve the world for good.

Top 10 Upcoming Technology Updates of 2018

Electron Photo Imaging

This technology may just change the course of science and fields of therapeutics. With such advanced technology, scientists might be able to find a cure for the scariest and deadliest diseases finally.

Stimulation of Body Cells

The technology used to stimulate body cells is expected to be introduced this year. It will change the way we feel and see things.

Top 10 Upcoming Technology Updates of 2018

All these advancements are something to look forward to. 2020 has just started, but as the year folds, we will see some awesome technological advancements. Which one are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below.

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