Top horror movies to watch on British Netflix

Top horror movies to watch on British Netflix

If you are looking for inspiration for Spooktober this year, then Netflix UK has some horror movies worth watching. Here, we take a look at some of our favorites.

Apostle: Mr. Gareth Evans (2018)

Apostle Poster
Apostle Poster

Gareth Evans is a horrible movie that will make you feel creepy. This is an unforgettable movie. He embarks on a dark journey into the Welsh cult center in the early 20th century.

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Apostle Movie 2018

This is due in part to the outstanding performance of Dan Stevens as a former Christian missionary who tried to infiltrate this mysterious community of residents on the island, the leader of the community Sheen kidnapped his sister for ransom.

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Apostle Poster Netflix
Apostle | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Creep: Mr. Rob Reiner (1990)

CREEP – Official Trailer (HD)

Rob Reiner knows how to adapt Stephen King’s story to the big screen.

He did it twice, and both times the novelist himself recognized his work with warm praise.

Creep movie poster
Creep movie poster

Suffering is one of the writer’s best works. It blends a twisted, self-accusative sense of humor and murderous stimulation, which is as perfect on the screen as it is on the page.

This story mainly plays two roles in an isolated house: a recovering car accident survivor and the woman who is taking care of him to recover.

The problem is: the woman Annie Wilkes is a psychopath. This is a thriller full of tension with outstanding performance, including the best of Bates.

Annabel: Governor John Leonetti (2014)

Annabelle cleverly fits the supernatural phenomena in James Wan’s “Magic and Insidious” movie chapter. Of course, this is not surprising.

It was inspired by the hidden doll that appeared briefly in “Magic”, which brought us back to the life of an inanimate object into the life of a well-meaning family, and witnessed the demonic event of its vicious consciousness.

In a way, this is because it is a derivative product, but more importantly, it is directed by his favorite photographer John R. Leonetti, so Anna Annabelle and Wan’s commercial boom are in the same supernatural movie model.

Although the plot is harsh, you will still wait for the ending moments of the movie to learn about the characters, but this is an attractive attempt in the “Ghost Train” movie theater. In other words, embark on a journey and wait for something to jump at you.

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