Trade supplies help Gazans, but reconstruction efforts are elusive

Helen Dunmore
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Jerusalem-According to an agreement reached by the United Nations and Qatar on Thursday, tens of millions of aid will be used for impoverished families in the blocked Gaza Strip.

This marks a significant achievement in the ceasefire efforts between Israel and militant groups. Progress Hamas.

However, according to a diplomat with knowledge of the agreement, the solution did not address the broader challenge of rebuilding Gaza, which was devastated during the 11-day Mei war between Israel and Hamas.

Qatar’s Gaza consultant Mohamed Amadi said that as part of Thursday’s deal, starting in September, 100,000 families in Gaza will receive $100 a month. He said that the allowance will be funded by the Qatari authorities and distributed by the United Nations World Meal Plan.

It is not clear how long the association’s influence lasted.

Israel’s Minister of Protection, Benny Gantz, stated in an announcement that, unlike previous Qatari funds provided to Gazans, cash will be transferred through the banking system. Before a possible struggle, Israel allowed Qatari officials to deposit funds in Gaza for family use in the form of a few months-many Israelis criticized this approach as an assistance to Hamas.

In the past few months, Israel and Hamas have been trying to make progress in indirect negotiations to formally achieve a ceasefire.

Israel is trying to link the reconstruction of Gaza to the fate of Israelis believed to have been captured by Hamas, which is believed to have held the bodies of two Israeli civilians and two of our Israeli soldiers. It said it could flip them in exchange for the release of many Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Hamas also asked Israel to increase restrictions on products and other personnel entering and leaving Gaza.

Israel and Egypt implemented a blockade to restrict such operations. The Israeli authorities stated that these restrictions prevented Hamas from importing weapons or the means to manufacture weapons. The Palestinians say this has led to unemployment, extreme shortages of water and energy supplies, and widespread poverty.

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Gaza fired incendiary bombs at Israeli communities

The militants in Gaza fired incendiary bombs at Israeli communities from time to time, putting the main farmland on the fireplace in order to win Israeli concessions. Israel has stated that it has completed its air strikes on Gaza’s military infrastructure.

This week, a rocket was launched from Gaza to southern Israel but was intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile system. Israel did not retaliate by placing Gaza.

Hamas spokesperson Abdel-Latif al-Qanou welcomed the efforts to provide funds to Gazans, but said that global events hope to force Israel to complete the blockade.

Diplomats with knowledge of the transaction stated that the transaction did not reflect any connection to the payment of salaries of civil servants within the Hamas authorities in Gaza. Hamas officials demand that Israel allow Qatar to provide cash to pay wages.

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