Travis Scott becomes the second celebrity to eat his McDonald’s meal

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Houston rapper Travis Scott becomes the second celebrity to eat his McDonald’s meal

Houston rapper Travis Scott

In Houston, Texas-Everyone can order from McDonald’s, and now you can order Travis Scott favorite meal.

The Houston rapper’s favorite meal will be ordered at restaurants across the United States starting on Tuesday, September 8. For only $6, you can get a quarter pound of cheese and bacon, medium fries, barbecue sauce and sprite.

This is the first time a celebrity name has appeared on the McDonald’s menu since 1992. This was done before Michael Jordan paired the McJordan Burger.

Travis Scott will open on Tuesday, and the new permanent store called Space Village in Rice Village has only been open for two days in the past week.

About 80 fans lined up around 2 pm. On Monday, ABC13 hoped that they would be selected to enter the store the next day and return to the store later that night.

No one was waiting outside. Although there is no news to clear the scene, those fans will have to face the night in the outdoors where the temperature drops sharply.

Nevertheless, on Monday afternoon, the crowd was very happy about the long journey.

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Reginald Cornett

Reginald Cornett, ranked 9th, said: “At this point, I will take everything in the store because they are rare.” Inside the store, Scott is selling clothes and shoes. For those who cannot enter and buy on their own, you can buy it for resale. Connet said that a pair of $150 shoes can make someone resell up to $1,500.

Connet said: “It’s more about cultural things.” “It’s not about’ he is a celebrity.’ It’s more about him from the city, he brought new and exciting things to the city, We are here trying to experience and enjoy it.”

Next door to the plain Space Village is a clothing store, taking advantage of the hype with neighbors.

Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson, owner of Miss Robinson’s fashion house, puts a photo of Kylie Jenner on the model’s head. Jenner and Scott have a daughter together. She said: “My target market is girls who follow Kardashians and Kendall Jenner, so all my things are fast fashion, so it’s good for me.”

She also hopes that if she visits again, Jenner’s decorations will attract Jenner into her store.

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