Travis Scott is Occurring to Fortnite Game Season 2

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Travis Scott is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and also a record producer. Travis Scott is his professional name, and his original name is “Jacques Berman Webster II.” In 2012, Scott marked his first major-name deal with “Epic Records.”. In November of that year, Scott marked an arrangement with Kanye West’s “GOOD Music”, as a feature of its creation wing Very GOOD Beats. Travis Scott launched his first full-length project in 2013. Its name was “mixtape Owl Pharaoh.” And his most famous album was his second album named “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.” It was his first number one collection on the Billboard 200.

Travis Scott

Leaks found that Travis Scott is coming to Fortnite:

Since the time Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 started toward the finish of a week ago, data scientists of “Epic Games” have been occupied with poring over new game records and looking for signs; about what the future may hold for Epic Games’ most popular shooting game. Then their developers got an idea that if they involve Travis Scott to this game, this game will become more attractive. It will attract both types of audiences, music, and video gaming fans. 

This collaboration between Epic Games and Travis Scott is pointing towards something unique. We can expect that the cosmetic set may consist of some rapper type costumes. Likely, expectations also include that a Travis Scott skin will inevitably be accessible in Fortnite. But these expectations can never show the complete collaboration. Maybe the developers of Epic Games decided to do something out of the box. And do a great collaboration that is never happened between a singer and the game. Precisely what this interaction could be is at present uncertain. Yet Epic Games has a past filled with working with music artists to make uncommon Fortnite events. So, we can expect something amazingly new.

Travis Scott

On twitter Lucas7yoshi – Leaks (a part of Epic Games) updated. He said that there is already an encrypted pack of 37 Mega-Bytes, and the other package is of 4.9 Mega-Bytes. So, it is confirmed that it will not include only a single skin pack. And at that moment, Epic Games and Travis Scott did not responded. That’s mean this statement is true.

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