Trump bans “propaganda” training courses on race in his base’s latest proposal

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President Donald Trump banned federal agencies

President Donald Trump banned federal agencies from conducting racial sensitivity training. Related to “white privilege” and “critical race theory” on Friday night.

His government called this amounted to “divisive, anti-American propaganda”. His latest proposal for political foundations in the past two months precedes the presidential election.

Russell Vought, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, citing “news reports,”. In a two-page memo condemned the “millions of taxpayer dollars” used “within the administration” for such programs.

Instructs federal agencies to determine contract and institutional expenditures related to training programs. That indicates that the United States is “an inherently racist or evil country” or “any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

He urged agencies to seek legal courses of action to “cancel any such contracts and/or misappropriate federal funds. From these non-US propaganda training courses.”

It is not clear at this time the extent of such training, or whether they instructed participants “almost all white people contributed to racism” as stated in the memo. But, just like Trump this week threatened to withdraw federal funds from cities in the blue states.

Friday’s memo provides another topic for his campaign because the campaign focuses on Emphasize the issue of culture wars.

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Trump eagerly promoted Saturday’s move

Trump eagerly promoted Saturday’s move, retweeting the post, praising the memo to federal agencies. Asking them to change the racial sensitivity training program for federal workers.

Walter wrote that such training “not only violates the basic beliefs that our country has upheld since its inception. But also caused divisions and dissatisfaction within the federal workforce”. The core values ​​of Americans have contributed to the division of our workforce.”

Vought pointed out that Trump’s order is the source of instructions for the heads of federal agencies to stop using federal funds for such training, and promised to provide more details.

As Trump lags behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s polls, he tries to contrast with his opponents on many sensitive issues. Trump said earlier this week that he does not believe there is systemic racism in the United States.

This story has been updated with additional background information and Trump’s tweet on Saturday morning.

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