Trump Blocks H1B Visa!

Muhammad Fahad
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The Bussiness group says the decision would hurt the U.S. recovery process.

The suspension would be fruitful for the workers in the U.S. as it would result in the increase of jobs up to 525,000 jobs, as reported by a senior administration.

The U.S. president Donald Trump suspended the entry into the United States of the foreign worker on Monday, The move was made to help the U.S. economy to stand on its feet as it would help the coronavirus-battered economy, but according to the business groups, it would have long term serious consequences.

Trump also issues a presidential proclamation that temporarily blocks foreign workers entering H-1B vias for skilled employees.

The L visas were for the manager, and the specialized workers are being transferred within a company.

He also blocked entry for those entering the H2-B season worker visas, users by landscapers, and other industries.

The visa suspension will be active from Wednesday until the end of the year. It would open up 525,00 jobs for the U.S. worders, A senior administration official said on a call with reporters.

The Officials also said the administration didn’t explain how did they reach such strict action.
The action was taken to quickly gear up the Americans going back to work as soon as possible.”

But the businesses, including the major tech companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said that the visa suspension would crumble the economic recovery after the pandemic did the damage.

Critics are saying that trump is using the pandemic to strict the immigration of the immigrants and the foreigners into the U.S. The proclamation’s immediate effects are likely going to be limited, and the U.S. consulates around the world are going to remain closed for most of the routine visa processing.

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